Garden Painters
Contemporary Artists
By Ariel Luke

Foreword by Sir Roy Strong

Published by A@C Black, London.

'Garden Painters' is a survey of contemporary artists who specialize in painting gardens. Western art has a long history of garden and landscape painting but for many years this genre seemed to have fallen out of favour. However, it is once more becoming prominent and in this volume we look at some of the leading figures in the area.

The artists work in a wide range of media and they have very diverse painting techniques. They come from the United States, Great Britain and Continental Europe and the gardens they paint reflect this diversity.

For each artist, there is a brief biographical thumbnail sketch, reproductions of some of their work, and comments from the artists on their painting styles and working practices. The images included are both of real life gardens and some imaginary ones. Amongst the 'real' gardens, is one that belongs to Sir Roy Strong, who wrote the foreword.

All in all, this is a beautiful book which takes an intriguing look at a fascinating subject.